Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dave Wike Contributions

OLD King-5 Newsroom
"Film Guy"
Gene Wike in Studio
Gene Wike
Dave Wike "D.W." Laptop Editing in Disneyland!

D.W. & Bill Rockey..Disneyland

Tom "Eb" Eberspecher...headed to CNN!

D.W. & Darren Watkins...Apple Cup?!?

Darren Watkins & Greg Bailey...Apple Cup?!?

Bill Abeyta & Greg Bailey editing in Alstar (Apple Cup?!?)

Darren Watkins and Bill Abeyta at Apple Cup!

D.W. with Akemi Takei

"I don't look too goofy in this I??"
Glenn Farley

This "LZ" is perfect!

Keith Patterson, Lori Matsukawa, Dave Wike
Robert Mak and Virgil Williams

"Commander Al" Mark Hansen

Farewell to "Eb"
Robert Mak, Jordana Houchins and Tom "Eb" Eberspecher

Doug Alder, Laura Newborn, Glenn Farley, Peter O'Connell,
Carl Puglese, Adam Sturgill and Dave Wike

Scott Miller lovin' Nature!

Glenn Farley & D.W. in Alaska.

D.W., Michael King & Tad Anderson.

D.W. & Darren Watkins

D.W. schmoozin' with Belo big Cheeze(s).

G. Chittim..skipper?....Gilligan!

K.J., Sterholm, Fenter, D.W. and Dowd.

D.W. Shooting Sports!

Meg Coyle.....So Many little time?!?

D.W. & "T" (Lorenzo)

Gary Chittim mountain hikin' the snow!?!

Alstar...Eastern WA Fires.


Mark "Hunt" Huffstutter


Chris Ingalls

Dave Wike goin' fishin' ??!?

Mimi Jung staying warm and hyrdated!

Mimi Jung braving the elements!

Kevin Glantz looking very "Chiefly" (Chief Editor).

Jerry Hickey lookin'.......seasoned?!?
"Where's my Coke!?!?"

Dave Wike with Lisa Gangel editing out in the elements!

Deborah Feldman traveling light!?!

Gary Chittim negotiating for Free FISH!

DW Cruzin'

Chris Egan and Alan Reed

Alan Douglas editing on a Laptop Editor.

Gary Burckhardt and Eric Wilkinson

Wike....Flyin'....and lovin' it!

Carl Puglese, Ray Lane and Susannah Frame

Why is this sink so low??

Farley: "It's Hot here!"

Dave Wike with our newest King-5 LIVE truck!

Farley & Wike headed for Iraq.

Dave Wike in Iraq

Glenn Farley in Iraq (Snack anyone?!?)

D. W. in Iraq. Nice Dew!

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