Wednesday, August 20, 2008

KING-TV 1960's??

Look at that Skyline!?!?
Master Control?!?

KING-TV 1960's??

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Gail said...

I started working at KING in 1970 and the exterior looked like it does in this shot except for the reader board on the south side was gone. I worked in the Art Department which was located in the "outbuilding" directly to the south across an open space. Along with the Art Dept. the outbuilding housed KING-FM with its extensive library of vinyl LPs, and also the "on-campus" film-processing lab Alpha Cine was located there to develop all the filmed news footage used on the news shows. I remember the level of activity in Alpha Cine reached a daily frenzy between 2:30pm and 5pm in preparation for the 5 o'clock news (and the film still had to be edited by hand, literally). The building always smelled like, what was it, acetic acid? That film-processing stuff. I'm sure that OSHA and L&I would have plenty to say about that now (and maybe the EPA too). Anyway, if I had to schlep over to the main building to get to the booth or the studios to deliver artwork I would have to cross the vacant space between the buildings and this exterior shot reminded me of the row of greenery that screened the spot from busy Aurora. That space was used as a small paved parking lot directly next to the building and the Sales Department had commandeered it because at the time they were deemed to be the important "movers and shakers" at KING and had to do very important things and get in and out of the building very quickly!! I can't remember where the news vehicles parked at the time, maybe at the north end of the building as the newsroom was still located there with its exterior door. The "Why Not" tavern, an important meeting place, had not yet been built to the north. It was very convenient as it was just across the street from KING. Ah, those were the days!
-Gail Knisely,
KING employee 1970-1972 & 1975-2003